Central Analytical Services Laboratory
Central Analytical Services Laboratory

The Central Analytical Service Laboratory (CASL) is a support laboratory of BIOTECH that handles routine chemical analyses for food and feeds, plants, fertilizers and soils, water and wastewater, and biotechnology research products. CASL also tests, modifies, and standardizes analytical methods and develops new analytical techniques. CASL is a recognized laboratory of various government regulatory agencies. It is currently ISO 17025:2017 accredited, and was the first ISO 17025:2005 accredited chemical testing laboratory in UPLB. The CASL accepts requests for analytical services from various institutions within and outside UPLB. The CASL provides public services for the following chemical testing parameters:

List and Rate of CASL Services

Proximate Analysis (Complete)

Name of Test or ProcedureSample SizeCost
Sample Preparation (drying/grinding)250-500g (fresh)Php520
Moisture10g / 250-500mLPhp321
Ash10g / 250-500mLPhp387
Crude Fat (Soxtec)5gPhp847
Crude Fiber5gPhp847
Crude Protein5g /10mLPhp629

Sugar Analysis

Sample PreparationFeeSample Size
Sugar ExtractionPhp520
Reducing Sugars (DNS Method)5g / 10mLPhp726
Total Sugars (Phenol-Sulfuric Method)5g / 10mLPhp726

Mineral Analysis

Sample PreparationFeeSample Size
Sample Preparation at 550°C20g / 250-500mLPhp520
Total Phosphorus (Colorimetric)20g / 250-500mLPhp593
Minerals: Ca, Mg, Na, K, Mn (AAS)20g / 250-500mLPhp653 per mineral/metal/nutrient
Sample Preparation at 450°C50g / 250-500mLPhp520
Minerals/Heavy Metals:
Cu, Fe, Zn, Cr, Ni, Co, Pb, Cd (AAS)
50g / 250-500mLPhp653 per mineral/metal/nutrient
Titratable Acidity20g / 50-100mLPhp330
% Salt (as NaCl)10gPhp690

Fats and Oil

Sample PreparationFeeSample Size
Specific Gravity75mLPhp266
Saponification Number10g / 10mLPhp726
Peroxide Value20g / 20mLPhp605
Free Fatty Acid50g / 50mLPhp520
Free Fatty Acid Profile (GC)5g / 5mLPhp3957


Jeffrey P. Tamayo, Ph.D.
University Researcher II
Lorenzo M. Fabro, Jr., M.Sc.
University Researcher II
Resie L. Valderrama
Laboratory Technician III
Ma. Xenia B. Sapin
Laboratory Technician III